The TTV, TTVA, TTVH and TSZ cast-resin transformers in a vacuum version are used in electric power systems as standard distribution transformers. The dry-type version allows their use in industrial, commercial and catering facilities, public buildings and many other indoor applications.

Manufacturing range:

Power range:  from 25 kVA up to 4000 kVA
Voltage range: up to 36 kV
Vector group: Dyn11,Dyn1,Dyn5, Yyn0, Yyn6,Yzn11, Yzn5 and other group on request
Isulation class: F or H
Type of cooling: AN, AF

Standard operating conditions:

Max. operating altitude:  1000 m above sea level
Operating temperature range: – 25 to + 40 °C or other on request
Rated frequency: 50 Hz (60 Hz on request)

Design characteristic:

Core: grain-oriented electrical steel sheets
assembled into core using the “Step-Lap” method
Windings: electrolytic aluminium or copper wire or foil
Optional enclosure: IP20, IP21,IP23,IP31,IP33,IP54IP31,IP33,IP54 itp.)

Standard equipment:

Thermal protection
PT100 or PTC Sensors
The terminals on the connectors HV – M12
The terminals LV – busbar leadouts
Rating plate
Earting Terminals
Lifting lugs
Pulling lugs
Bi-directional wheels

Optional equipment:

Antivibration pads
Surge arresters
Earthing bolts
Cooling fans
Cable boxes
HV plug-in bushings

Making, testing & loss levels, tolerance ranges are in compliance with IEC 60076-1, IEC 60076-11, EN 50588-1,GOST