The shunt reactors   are used to compensate currents with capacitance characteristics – e.g. in long cable lines used, among others in wind farms. The advantage ofthe dry type design is that such reactors are allowed in special areas because of, for example, environmental or fire protection regulations, where the instalation of the oil—immersed version is forbidden or restricted.

Manufacturing range:

Power range:  from  50 kVAr up to 4000 kVAr
Voltage range: up to 36 kV
Current range: 15 A up to 300 A
Isulation class: F or H
Type of cooling: AN

Standard operating conditions:

Max. operating altitude -1000 m above sea level
Operating temperature range – 25 to + 40 °C or other on request
Rated frequency 50 Hz (60 Hz on request)

Design characteristic:

Core- grain-oriented electrical steel sheets
assembled into core using the “Step-Lap” method
Winding  – electrolytic aluminium or copper wire or foil
Optional enclosure IP20, IP21,IP23,IP31,IP33,IP54IP31,IP33,IP54

Standard equipment:

Thermal protection
PT100 or PTC Sensors
The terminals on the connectors HV
The terminals LV – busbar leadouts
Rating plate
Earting Terminals
Lifting lugs
Pulling lugs
Bi-directional wheels

Optional equipment:

Antivibration pads
Surge arresters
Earthing bolts
Cooling fans
Cable boxes
HV plug-in bushings

Making, testing & loss levels, tolerance ranges are in compliance with IEC 60076-1, IEC 60076-11, IEC 60076-6