Antivibration pads are elastic metal rubber elements used to damp vibrations in the range of values ​​characteristic for the composition of the damping mixture. Their task is to eliminate noise resulting from mechanical vibrations generated during transformer operation. They provide excellent vibration damping in the range of values ​​characteristic for a working transformer, and thus a significant reduction of the noise level.


Construction of antivibration pads : Aluminum body, damping insert made of a material with high damping properties.
Application of antivibration pads : Bearing of trolley transformers.
Installation method: Vibro-isolators are placed on the ground so that the transverse symmetry axes of the device coincide with the axes of rotation of the transformer wheels, i.e. at distances corresponding to the wheel track, and then place the transformer on them by lifting it with lifts or rolling it using overrun wedges. It is recommended to fix the vibro-isolator to the base with screws.

In sum : 1. Diameter of transformer wheels – up to 120 mm – WPK 1, – over 120 mm – WPK 2 2. Nominal load per 1 support (up to 9 kN and 9-12 kN).
Example of an order: WPK-1/12 – type 1 wheel vibration isolator, i.e. wheel diameter up to 120 mm With an insert with a nominal load up to 12 kN.

We also have a second type of anti-vibration pads instead of wheels type WOT.